So, this is something I stumbled upon a day or so ago by two booktubers. The Reading Quest is a four-week readathon created by Read At Midnight and I will link their blog channel below. But, basically, this is a readathon inspired by video games and it takes place from August 13th- September 10th. There are four different characters and whichever character you choose first is the path on the bingo card you have to go on.

Here are the four different characters:

The Reading Quest Character Classes

Here is the bingo card:

Reading Quest Board

The character that you pick is the character that you have to stay with until you complete the quests (the purple boxes) and side quests (the light blue boxes), so when you finish with the first character then you can move on to the next one.

Here is the point system:

  • All characters start off with 10 EXP points. Any physical book, audiobook, or e-book you read is worth 10 EXP points, and graphic novels and mangas are worth 5 EXP points. You get bonus points for reading a book by a marginalized author which is 20 EXP points.
  • If you complete a character’s quest before September 10th will earn 50 EXP points and will earn an extra 30 EXP points for the other character quests that you complete after that.
  • For every 50 EXP points, you will level up.
  • All of the characters will begin with 10 HP (Health Points). Every 10 pages of a book are worth 1 HP while for a graphic novel/manga is every 20 pages is worth 1 HP. For social media interactions, the maximum number of points you can have is 20 HP.
  • Photos of your #TheReadingQuest books or your tbr pile is worth 1HP point which goes toward the 20 HP points from the social media interactions.

There are prizes for whoever can have the most points and that will be on Read At Midnight’s blog channel and you are able to create a little ID with one of the characters if you want.

I do not have a set tbr at all because I literally found out about this a day or so ago, so I’m just going to play it by ear. Plus, four days after that the first day of college starts for me so it’s going to take a bit to get used to my new schedule. But, I do think I’m either going to start with the Rouge or the Bard.

Here is the link to the blog:

#TheReadingQuest Sign Up

Little Book Owl:


Elena Reads Books:


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